Emerson Center Humanities Speaker Series

Saturday, November 9, 2019 at 7 pm

Archaeology, Ancient DNA, and the Ice Age Peopling of the Americas with David Meltzer



It is certain that people reached the Americas in Ice Age times. Who were they, where did they come from, how and when did they make it here? We have plenty of answers to these questions, but are the answers are correct? With  new developments, particularly in genetics and ancient DNA, we can now clarify specific issues, remove ambiguity, and point the way toward resolving others. Join Anthropologist David Meltzer as he unveils Ice Age mysteries and their modern day connections.






Tuesday, January 14 at 7 pm

Doc Anna: Swamp Doctor of Florida  with Carrie Sue Ayvar


The inspiring story of Dr. Anna Darrow, wife, mother, pharmacist, artist, and veterinarian and second woman licensed to practice medicine in Florida. She braved swamps, alligators, venomous snakes, and dangerous outlaws so she could heal the sick, nurse the wounded and deliver babies in the 20th Century.

Emerson Center Humanities Event






Tuesday, February 11, 2020 at 7 pm   

Sacred Waters: Exploring the Protection of Florida’s Fluid Landscapes  with Vicky Machado

This presentation explores efforts to restore Florida’s waterways. We will investigate the motivations of environmentalists who love and advocate for these water bodies. By focusing on issues related to springs and the Everglades, we will dive into the conversations that arise when Floridians view water as essential to their quality of life.

Emerson Center Humanities Event




Tuesday, February 25, 2020 at 7 pm

Above and Beyond: JFK and the Florida U-2 pilots During the Cuban Missile Crisis with  Michael Tougias

This unique presentation entertains with the dramatic chronicling of the Cuban Missile Crisis (with slides) while providing useful analysis of JFK’s process of tackling major decisions in practical ways that others can learn from and adopt. It’s an especially timely topic today with current tensions with North Korea and Russia.

Tougias, best-known for his seven award-winning books examining extraordinary survivors and rescuers, is a sought-after speaker on leadership and crisis management. The author uses the same storytelling skills that landed him on the New York Times bestseller list to both engage and inspire his audience.

Emerson Center Humanities Event