Friday, December 50 at 7:00PM
Unclassified: My Life Before, During and After the CIA.  Richard James Kerr.

In Unclassified: My Life Before, During, and After the CIA Richard James Kerr, former Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, recounts how he joined the Agency fresh out of college as a GS7 analyst/clerk. During his more than 30 years, Kerr rose through the ranks quickly, serving in all four directories–Intelligence, Operations, Administration, and Science/Technology (reaching Director level in both Intelligence and Administration) — before eventually becoming Deputy Director of the CIA (DDCI).

Kerr was responsible for many highly visible tasks such as providing the US President with a daily briefing of CIA intelligence. He was known for his stabilizing influence during his tenure and his ability to address countless “hot button” issues. He also established a reputation for his integrity and objectivity when presenting CIA findings to high-ranking officials.

Now retired, Kerr has the opportunity to reflect on his many experiences and he even shares his thoughts on how someone working in the intelligence community should consider approaching an administration that does not understand how useful agencies like the CIA can be when managing world issues.

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